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Trinity Homes is a registered charity with a Christian foundation which was established in 1824. The Trust is a member of The Almshouses Association and Housing Corporation, maintaining almshouses for the elderly.  The principal objective of Trinity Homes is to provide accommodation for needy widows and spinsters who are members of a Christian denomination . If there are unfilled vacancies single men or married couples may be considered.  All residents must be 57 years of age or older.


The charity is run in accordance with schemes prepared by the Charity Commission. The first scheme was sealed on 5 February 1824 and various subsequent schemes made alterations to it. The charity currently operates under schemes dated 10 July 1978 and 26 March 1997. The charity is administered by voluntary trustees. Day to day administration is carried out by the warden and the trustees.


Trinity Homes consists at present of 18 unfurnished units of various sizes, planned with the needs of older people in mind.  Our aim is to provide convenient and comfortable accommodation  in a setting which allows residents to come and go as they please, within the rules and guidelines outlined in the Letter of Appointment.


Our homes provide security and residents are encouraged to make friends and enjoy a wider social life. A large garden, a communal lounge and other facilities are made available.


Trinity Homes has a resident warden and an emergency call system. In an emergency, such as sudden illness or after a fall, a resident can get help quickly.


It must be understood that Trinity Homes DOES NOT provide any nursing care and all residents are expected to care for themselves.


Chairman Mrs V Hanifan

Treasurer  Mr Mark Callen

Secretary Mr Paul Daniel

Site Management Mr Harry Hanifan

Legal Adviser Mr Nick Guppy 

Registered Charity Number: 208363

Housing Association Number: A2455